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We all have a bucket list that reflects our dreams, values, and inspiration.

It's not always obvious how to bring the list to reality.

Let's create a plan to actualize your list - together.

We all have a bucket list that reflects our dreams, values, and inspiration.

It's not always obvious how to bring the list to reality.

Let's create a plan to actualize your list - together.

Styled Wealth prioritizes the following guiding values:

Ask good questions

Bake values into finances

Simplify complexities

Inspire opportunities

Advocate for possibilities

Embrace the journey

You have a lot going on.
You are busy driving impact in your day to day with your gifts and talents. Leveraging my financial knowledge and talents can propel your personal financial goals and make sure they don’t take a backseat. Allowing me to help you meet your financial goals helps you ultimately reach your broader life goals.
My Styled Wealth Story

My father unexpectedly passed away when I was a young child leaving my mother with confusion, low financial literacy, and a mound of paperwork she had no knowledge on how to navigate. His passing was completely unexpected and our world changed literally overnight.

In the years to come, I saw many financial choices made out of a wide assortment of emotions and rationale, all doing the best we knew how to, but without a guided, informed plan. Early in my career I contacted a financial advisor whose only advice to me consisted of what stocks to pick and focused on returns. Meanwhile, I was trying to optimize my employee benefit handbook presented to me with little context from work and trying to figure out how to put my savings to work to benefit me long term. Although I didn’t know it at the time, what I was seeking was a trusted guide – a fiduciary, comprehensive financial planner.

Fast forward a few years, my now-spouse and I hired a financial planner. She directed us on how to optimize our benefits, track toward our goals, all while explaining to us our options to consider as we made decisions. Our experience with our planner ultimately inspired me to become a CFP® professional myself.

I’ve now been guiding people towards confident, informed financial choices for several years. I have the heart of a social worker and the brain of an engineer, which has been a stronghold as I guide people in navigating meaningful, complex decisions throughout their lives.

Prior industry experience:
Senior Lead Planner at firm that managed over $2 billion in assets
B.A. in Psychology
Former Teacher & Counselor
Student Loan Expert
Mother of 2 young children
1st Gen College Graduate
From small town outside Seattle, WA
Hablo español
Fun: Lifting weights & obstacle course races
Spelling Bee Champion

Styled Wealth partners with organizations making an impact in areas of equity to benefit underrepresented and underserved groups of people, namely women, people of color, and people experiencing poverty.

Here are a few causes I support:

Teach For America

A leadership development organization whose vision is that one day, all children will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.

Little Light House

Tuition-free education and therapeutic services for children with special needs and their families.

Junior League

An organization of women whose mission is to advance women’s leadership for meaningful community impact through volunteer action, collaboration, and training.

Pathways Adult Learning Center

A program helping adults with intellectual disabilities live happier, healthier, and more enriching lives.

Seem like someone you'd like to partner with?

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