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You have ambitious goals for your life.

Let's discuss how you can balance living the life you want today and plan for the dreams you have for your future.

You have ambitious goals for your life.

Let's discuss how you can balance living the life you want today and plan for the dreams you have for your future.

Wealth is deeply personal and self-defined. Styled Wealth provides a custom-tailored approach to financial planning, focusing on your unique definition of a wealthy life. I'll guide you on a clear, optimized path toward realizing your financial goals and magnifying your impact.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Onboarding: The First 6 Months


Meeting 1
We discuss what excites you. What are you proud of? What may be holding you back? What have you only dreamed of experiencing? We explore and expand on what makes you feel alive. This is foundational in guiding our collaboration toward purposeful, richer outcomes for your life.

Data, Documents, & Cashflow

Meeting 2
You'll be sent an organized list of the information needed with instructions on how to link accounts and upload documents to your secure portal. We will also discuss your income and expenses as a means to better understand your current and desired savings rate. This saving rate will inform your projected pace of progress over time.

Review Initial Recommendations

Meeting 3
You will be presented with a comprehensive integration of your personal goals and financial resources. Priorities will be organized with now / soon / later timelines and anticipated pace of progress clarified. This meeting is where the whole picture is discussed together to ensure we’re in alignment before moving forward on the individual pieces.

Progress Check-In

Meeting 4
• Review progress: celebrate wins, discuss roadblocks (mental or tactical), collaborate on solutions, identify next steps
• Update priorities and action items
• Book 1st seasonal/ongoing planning meeting

Ongoing Services & Collaboration

We generally have two collaboration meetings per year to discuss ongoing strategy, update goals, and clarify commitments for the next few months. Hover over each seasonal meeting to see typical discussion topics. Comprehensive services are listed below.

Winter Meeting

• Recenter and update goals for your wealthy life and establish priorities for upcoming year
• Update financial summary info for net worth, annualized cashflow, graphic of your various wealth buckets, and an overview of our last year's work together
• Establish and automate cash flow strategy for upcoming year; set strong foundation, quick flex funds, and how you will balance your wealthy life now and saving for the future
• Review investment strategies and allocations
• Update equity compensation strategy

Fall Meeting

• Optimize employee benefits and open enrollment decisions
• Review year-end tax planning strategies
• Review spending and savings; discuss progress and if any adjustments are to be made
• Annual review of priority financial topic (estate plan, life/disability/auto/home insurance review, student loan strategy update, education funding, debt refinance, etc.)
Services Offered
Envision Your Wealthy Life
  • Clarify values & impact goals
  • Confirm Priorities
  • Identify Obstacles
  • Explore possibilities
  • Retirement / FIRE / Sabbatical Planning
  • Cash Flow Strategizing
  • Review income & expenses
  • Optimize banking structure
  • Simplify complexities
  • Set cash reserve and liquidity goals
  • Optimize Investments
  • Discuss risk tolerance
  • Construct & rebalance portfolios
  • Consider tax-advantaged opportunities
  • Real-Estate considerations
  • Charitable Giving Optimization
  • Equity Compensation Strategy
  • Summarize and simplify equity compensation (RSUs, ISOs, ESPP, etc.)
  • Review tax considerations
  • Identify parameters for holding/selling/buying stock
  • Model how stock valuations can influence other goals
  • Insurance & Benefit Review
  • Employee Benefit Optimization
  • Life Insurance Analysis
  • Disability Coverage Review
  • Auto & Home Insurance Review
  • Debt Management
  • Student Loan Strategy
  • Mortgage Tradeoffs
  • Business Loans
  • Consumer Debt
  • College Planning
  • Investing Opportunities
  • Savings Rate Projections
  • FAFSA & Financial Aid Review
  • Tax Advantages
  • Student Loan Consulting
  • Estate Planning
  • Educate on typical estate planning documents
  • Discuss guardians, executors, trust provisions for kids, etc.
  • Estate Attorney Referrals
  • Tax & Business Planning
  • Review prior year returns
  • Recommend tax optimization strategies
  • Recommend & collaborate with CPAs as helpful
  • Comprehensive Financial Planning Pricing

    (Includes Investment Management)

    Upfront fee*

    Ranging from $1,000 - $4,000

    annual fee*


    *Depending on individual needs and complexity

    Project-Based Financial Planning

    I offer limited-scope financial planning services for those who may not be financially or foundationally ready to benefit from the comprehensive financial planning services listed above. My intention with this service is to provide access to quality advice for those seeking advice on 1-2 topics that will provide meaningful value in your overall financial wellbeing. If this sounds like you, let's connect further!


    We will have a conversation to determine if our services align with your needs, define a scope of work. You will receive a fee quote following this meeting.

    Working Together

    Typically a 4-month engagement with 3 meetings to explore, define, and implement the strategy for the topic(s) chosen.

    Project Pricing

    Project-Based Financial Planning Service is typically a four month engagement starting at $3,000 based on projected hours. If there is additional help needed, a new fee will be agreed upon.

    Speaking Engagements

    I am available for speaking and teaching workshops on financial topics for those wanting to learn more about the technical knowledge or the profession itself. If you'd like to see how we could partner together, please reach out to discuss your vision further and see what's possible!

    Speaking Pricing

    Pricing starts at $1,000 and varies pending on topic difficulty, guest number, and preparation time needed for request with special pricing and consideration given to non-profits and under-resourced communities.

    I am able to help you achieve financial optimization with trust and teamwork by helping you balance your current life while realizing your financial goals for your future.

    Are you ready?