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Frequently Asked Questions

I believe when done well, financial planning provides tremendous benefit toward improving your financial outcomes. My personal wealth-path was foundationally improved by hiring a CFP® professional while I was working in education. Financial planning relationships can vary significantly, so it’s important to do your research and find the right fit for you. Synergy cannot be underestimated when it comes to the value to be gained working with a financial planner. If you still are not sure, I recommend scheduling a meeting for us to connect directly. If I think there is a better service for your needs, I’ll gladly refer you to better-fit resources I trust.

Styled Wealth was created with impact-focused people who care about how they affect their larger ecosystems in mind. This impact can be through paid work, volunteering, and includes supporting immediate family and monetary donations. Many clients are involved in healthcare, tech, education, business, and non-profit sectors.

Clients seeking an ongoing, collaborative approach to financial planning are typically a great fit for Styled Wealth. We tackle and improve both technical aspects alongside behavioral and mindset shifts needed to achieve the outcomes you are seeking – which takes time to learn and consistently implement. Our work together is a relationship to get and keep you in a thriving, healthy financial state.

No. There are wide-ranging situations for what brings people to seek financial guidance. Styled Wealth uses a flat-fee service model and no minimum investment requirement to accommodate a wide range of situations people may have when seeking advice.

One or more of the following situations are generally true of our clients:

• Household income over $150k
• Equity compensation (RSUs, ISOs, NSOs, ESPP, etc.)
• Sudden increase in wealth (inheritance, promotion, etc.)
• Business Owners
• Meaningful student loan balances to strategize around (PSLF forgiveness, income-based payoff, etc.)
• Meaningful savers (over 20% of income) looking for a comprehensive strategy to optimally leverage your resources toward your desired outcomes.

I only get paid a flat fee directly by clients. This fee includes investment management. We have no product sales and no commissions/kickbacks for anything recommended. This way you never have to wonder if something is recommended for a reason other than your best interest. We also receive no compensation for any referrals to other professionals such as CPA, estate planning attorney, insurance broker, etc. Although we are happy to provide recommendations and warm introductions to partners we trust, we are agnostic to who you work with so long as you get the service that meets your needs.

Yes. 100% of the time with 100% of clients.

Yes, you are no doubt able to do it yourself. But I know you are an expert in your field, where you enjoy your work and want to remain focused. Why not let another expert handle your finances for you, so you can enjoy your life?
  • Cashflow Analysis and Alignment to Values
  • Investments Review
  • Insurance & Risk Review
  • Debt Review
  • Employee Benefit Optimization
  • College Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Retirement Planning

While working with a financial planner is ultimately your personal decision, I can tell you I have put very intentional thought behind my pricing that considers the value you receive and the ultimate impact made. I’ve navigated multiple financial planning companies and have landed with the following being my core values I wish to offer my clients for their experience (that I know is not true of just any financial planning firm).

Proactive Partnership: I’m thinking ahead on your behalf so you can know you won’t be ‘missing out’ on opportunities that apply to you as the financial landscape we operate within changes.
Responsive Engagement: I’m here to serve you as you have questions, concerns, or need to review something again to internalize it. I care that this relationship has synergy, and that you feel ease reaching out to me and leaning on me for trusted guidance and a thought partner.
Competent and Capable: I have many years, accolades, and applicable experiences to provide you what I hope to be a premier experience as a financial planning client. Out of over 100,000 independent financial advisors in the U.S., I’m a 5x Investopedia Top 100 Advisor for the impact I’ve made during my time in the profession. Academically, I passed the Certified Financial Planner exam within 1 year of being in the industry, which is the standard of excellence for financial planners. I also leverage my psychology degree and experience as a teacher and counselor in the way I collaboratively partner with clients not just to give quality advice, but to achieve rewarding outcomes.

Client meetings are generally Tuesday-Thursday 10-4pm, CST. Accommodations for other usual business hours are available upon request, but evenings and weekends are reserved for family and personal time.
It is a top priority to keep your data safe and secure. Styled Wealth uses an online portal instead of email for sensitive information sharing and documents and ask clients to do the same. Almost all software used is web-based with multi-factor authentication when available. Styled Wealth uses app-based over SMS-based and all software and hardware is protected by strong passwords that are updated regularly.
Styled Wealth provides financial planning to impact-driven people to bring their unique vision of a wealthy life to reality.
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